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  • MaterialStainless Steel


  • South Korea South Korea
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There has been a great demand for new materials and designs for interior something that can dierentiate from others.

And metallic finishes of interior has gained popularity in the industry as an alternative to the existing materials

such as fabric, wood and ceramic.

But handing metals for interior has not always been easy.

DSPs DIY wall coverings, available in various colors, shapes and patterns, are genuine metallic surface,  

and everyone who wants to create a special space would be able to install it very easily.


■Feature of Our Product 


▶Cost saving 


Our laminated material can save material cost greatly compare to standard solid  color stainless steel sheet.


▶Anti finger print and Easy cleaning 


By our hybrid ceramic coating technology above functional coatings are available which will minimize maintenance and extend longevity.




dsp products mean true environment friendly.


Moreover our production process involves no pollution generating process.


▶Excellent color consistency 


Our coil to coil PVD process is one of a kind in the world. Our process ensures a great consistency in color uniformity.




Certified as Green Guard Children and School our material ensure no toxic coming out of our materials even in a severe fire.




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